Zenfolio | Renee Collazo Photography | Policy


- Your link with your photos will expire in 6 months time. Thereafter you will be required to pay a $50.00 fee to activate the link.

- If you publicly post the photos, they must have a watermark of my company's name, you must tag my business in the photos, and no editing of your own may be done to the photos. 

- I'm not responsible for any misplaced CDs of your photos once I mail them out. You will then have to download the files from your link within 6 months time. Thereafter, they will not be available.

- All photos will be deleted after a year's time, unless you pay a fee to keep them active. 

- You must pay the balance the day of your photo shoot by: cash, check, credit card, pay-pal, or money order. Your shoot will be subjected to be cancelled if you do not pay.

-There must be a 48 hour notice to canceling your photo shoot. The 50% retainer fee in not refundable and is due 2 weeks before your photo shoot date.


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